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  • Getting started early: It's all about having a plan for you and your money.
  • Budgets give you choices: A speding plan is like a roadmap to get you where you need to go.
  • Real World Story - Budgets: You will soon discover little things add up quickly
  • Credit counts: Understanding credit is crucial to starting off on solid financial footing.
  • The Basics of Credit Cards: Not all credit cards are created equal. It pays to shop around.
  • Real World Story- Credit:  Not easy wiping it clean.

  • Interest- The Cost of Money: It's all the percentages & different rates that will dramatically effect your bottom line.
  • Finding the right job for you: Cover all you bases, consider all your options.
  • Evaluating the job offer: Benefits can be as important as the salary.
  • Housing you can live with: Putting a roof over your head shouldn't be a big hole in your wallet.
  • Real World Story- Housing: I would have put that rent money into buying a home sooner.
  • Buying a car: Everyone needs wheels.
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